About us

For the last decade, Consult Tax have been helping candidates make the best move for them. Over the last ten years, we have developed a team of consultants who have your best interests at heart. We will always be honest with you, will help you with your CV and interview prep and will do our best to ensure you succeed at interview. We keep in touch regularly, keep you informed about how your job search is progressing, and provide clear, constructive feedback at every stage.

Our knowledge of the market is second to none, and we are often trusted to recruit exclusively for positions that are never advertised elsewhere. We place a huge emphasis on matching the right person to the right role, believing strongly in a quality fit that will benefit both candidate and client for years to come. We are driven by the following values:


These are vital in ensuring repeat business. Our strong moral code and principles are apparent throughout our business.


We inspire belief, trust and confidence in clients, candidates and colleagues alike. Our up close and personal knowledge of the market, the candidates and the clients is imperative to make appointments in such a specialist market.


Quality delivery every time. Whether we are delivering advice to a candidate or the best talent to a client, reliably being the firm that delivers every time is vital to us. You can trust that your need or problem will be solved without question every time.


Our consultants communicate effectively, giving real time updates on the situation and honest appraisals of progress at the agreed times. We take a collaborative approach with our team members, our clients and our candidates. In our business clients become candidates and candidates become clients - by working together we all achieve our goals.


A vital ingredient in any successful service, our unrelenting enthusiasm for the engineering market and our work drives everything we do. We genuinely love what we do, meaning we are tireless in achieving results for all we work with and ourselves.

  • Decades of combined Head Hunting and Recruitment Experience 
  • Dedicated team of professionals UK wide
  • Exceptional feedback and references from existing customers
  • Expanding internationally in 2017
  • Award winning practice
  • Unrivaled market knowledge
  • Honest advice and constructive feedback
  • Comprehensive support at every stage of the process
  • Access to opportunities that we are exclusively trusted to recruit for